Sandbox o' fun for an email developer

Kevin Illick

Kevin Illick

Dad, Husband, Email Enthusiast, French Hornist, Car Guy, Handyman, Problem-solver

I think my general interest can be summed up in the word "craft". I appreciate craft in many places. From music, to art, to cars — anything that has love and effort put into it. I work on many different "crafts" in my life, but in each one I try to give my best and pay attention to the details and finish.

Email Code

Experienced HTML and CSS developer with 10+ years of experience in email-specific coding. 8+ years of experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including AmpScript and SOQL.


Experienced email designer, capable and comfortable with every piece of email creation from start to finish, including image manipulation, copywriting, color themes and ADA accessibility.

Other Coding

Dabbler in all kinds of code and languages, always up for a new challenge. Everywhere I go I seem to pick up new skills and interests. Dabbling in Ruby, PHP, Javascript, and others.